Fifty Shades fans get sexed Fashion Dresses up . . . with Tesco


    JUST FOR FUN: Turn him on with Fashion Dresses this sizzling lot - Elena Longlnie basque £29.50 [PH ]

    And plus size bodycon dress now you can grab a slice of the action in the supermarket.

    Tesco has unleashed its sizzling cheap evening dresses new range of Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired lingerie and nightwear which will help fans of the steamy novel indulge their fantasies at home.

    And we long sleeve rompers reckon shoppers will be dashing to stuff their trolleys full of the saucy items as soon as they can.

    Since srtwhg2ge Brit writer EL James's kinky book was published it has become one of the biggest global bestsellers of all time.

    DEAL: Elena plus size bodycon dress over bust strap bra £19.50; Brief £9.50 [PH ]

    Now with an all-star Hollywood movie in the cheap evening dresses making, the craze for the kinky story of Anastasia Steele and her lover Christian Grey is set to continue.

    From sex toys to silk scarves, fans have been snapping long sleeve rompers up any item mentioned in the book.

    So it seems Tesco are on to a winner with this racy range, all based on characters and famous sayings from the story.

    YOU'RE MINE: You are mine trunks at just £8 [PH ]

    SAUCY: Elena thong on sale for £7.50 [PH ]

    From the super-cute Anastasia bra and briefs to the seductive Elena basque and hold-ups, there's even a sensual satin eye mask emblazoned with the words "Laters, Baby" - one of Christian Grey's favourite phrases for teasing his lover.

    There's also briefs and pyjama sets for men tagged with catchphrases "You are mine" and "Just call me Sir", which are sure to get fans in the mood for anything but a good night's sleep.

    The collection, which consists of 35 women's pieces and eight for men, comes ahead the film's release next Valentine's Day.

    The movie stars Jamie Dornan, 32, and Dakota Johnson, 24, alongside singer Rita Ora, 23.

    Of the flick's X-rated scenes Jamie explains that while the film will be sexy it won't be as hardcore as the book.

    SIR: Just call me Sir trunks again at just £8 [PH ]

    LATERS: Laters baby eyemask at £6 [PH ]

    He says: "In some ways it'll break a few boundaries. But at the same time, they want to put bums on seats. They can't alienate an audience. You know it has to be watchable.

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