BANG! The Miami Heat forward began off the 2K

  • BANG! The Miami Heat forward began off the 2K Players Tournament using a major upset. NBA 2K20 was fairly one-sided, also, with Jones taking over NBA 2K20 and MT 2K20 winning out 78-62.

    Jones would go on to face Harrell, an eventual semifinalist, whom he'd provide a run for his money. Harrell's Trail Blazers pick would finest Jones' Dallas Mavericks choice 71-66 in a game that went back-and-forth. Jones was an underdog and comparative unknown but nobody should doubt his skill on the sticks. A competitive match versus Harrell and A big win over KD, one of the finest in the tournament, shows Jones isn't to be redeemed.

    For Nuggets youngster Michael Porter Jr., the bundles were not in his favour in this tournament, drawing gambling savant Booker from the first round. I believe in most of the other first-round matchups though dropping in his only game of this tournament by 10 should normally suffice a low score, Porter could have had a chance of advancing. If he was awarded Harrell's bracket by way of example, we might have seen out him before more than likely falling to one of the Phoenix Suns' gaming titans at Ayton or Booker. When there's just another one of these tournaments, I expect Porter gets another chance. Let us just hope the bracket drops his way next time.

    Harrell was one of the nice surprises of the tournament, before being knocked off Buy NBA 2K MT by favorite Booker, making it all the way to the semifinals although entering with expectations around him. Though he had probably the simplest bracket of some of those semifinalists to enter the top four, there's no question that Harrell can ball in real life and in the virtual world.

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