I believe that it would be amazing if done right and no freaki

  • I believe we ought to have my careers to two. One is the special life of Kobe(with I guess his wife permission and all money or any could go to their charity). We start with him being a senior in MT 2K21 HS, play a game and you need to receive his older number of one of the match (reach but potential ) He has drafted to the Lakers and we follow all 20 seasons of his NBA life. We mirror every game, each triumph, losses, shaq beef, and we practice such as everyday to unlock special things(idk) we perform all 20 seasons up till he retires and we all can play his final speech.

    I believe that it would be amazing if done right and no freaking vc. Practice to get better and you need to play with it. He can't start at 60 either come on now it's Kobe!! We get to recreate his shoes and perhaps get to grow (spell check) his Mamba Mentality over time. Everything you think? Or is this trash. I will make another post for my career.

    Wish 2K21 MyCAREER style: one player and a multiplayer mode

    On one player one you couldn't have the ability to play with the multiplayer features (MyPark and everything which involves another human players). Due to this, you need to have the ability to produce the so called"demigods" and not to be limited with the present 2K20 MyPlayer builder, that has a lot of restrictions on the player creating process (mainly with the pie graphs and physical attributes). This participant creations could be made determined by the present"Options" window participant founder. Together with the 2K20 MyPlayer builder you can create, for example, a Curry-level shooter but using a F-level defense.

    Because this single player mode could consist on playing NBA games only and you are going to play just against the CPU, there would not be any difficulty on creating actual life legend-like players like Magic Johnson, (a 6'9 point guard, with the current builder you can not create due to height) Giannis, KD or LeBron; that are or were extremely players that are complete, without a strong weaknesses. Obviously with this manner you need to be able to grind VC to update your player and purchasing accessories. You should be also able to produce your own teams with your buddies (3v3 and 5v5) so as to compete with other groups on online competitions.

    Traditional NBA games on this mode should have little or no focus on this manner. The current NBA2K20 MyPlayer builder suits perfectly to this possible multiplayer style, since it would make players to compete in order to find out who has the best construct despite its limitations. The VC grind and accessory sale must remain the same manner as it is now. The single player mode ought to have a deeper and longer story around your participant, the present 2K20 MyCAREER narrative is good until you accomplish your second season. This should be extended to the point where your participant becomes the best of all time. On other hand for the multiplayer mode the story behind the players created there ought to Buy 2K21 MT be based on NPC players that direct your participant to better tournaments and competitions during your path

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