I absolutely agree that this newest tournament was a travesty

  • Why would you need any of Madden nfl 21 coins this stuff? I do not even think you get Lamar Jackson. It's only a"charge card" You then get uniforms and youtubers that is arbitrary. Absolutely horrible. At least 2k would give you enjoy a Jordan and Kobe card and even that's stupid. Do any of those coaches do anything distinct from one another? It is the identical amount of right? Just graphic about sideline right of coach?

    Not surprising... EA also empowers and promotes such acitvity. In 2020, knowing football won't acquire you a Madden game, understanding a punters handoff animation is faster will though! EA's shortcomings with franchise mode are listed, but this isn't an uncommon theme in video Madden NFL. You won't be helped by knowing how to fire an actual gun in any FPS. Understanding how to fight will not help you in some other game or UFC. Video Madden NFL have exploits. Always have. Always will. I am not sure what a player subbing a punter in to exploit a handoff animation must do with EA's shortcomings.

    And of course each game has exploits, yet EA is the only firm I have seen enable exploits on a competitive degree and call it"football". Its not like Joke blindsided EA the exact same tactic was used by him annually. Any company that gave a shit about its so called scene would have patched such obvious exploits let alone a whole year. I mentioned it to denote my disdain for how EA has handled the development of the series. Pro CoD gamers quickscope, when I cared enough to see the championships back 20, or at least they did. That is an exploit.

    I absolutely agree that this newest tournament was a travesty. My purpose is exactly what it's always been. Madden includes a sim mode, but it isn't a sim. In case Madden NFL 21play were math based rather than animation based, it'd likely be a lot closer. I would love to see that become fact, but they do not care enough to devote the money to do it.

    I am wondering why some believe being an expert at a specific game and harnessing that Madden NFL limits is synonymous with being a pro? If anything that a pro would understand the loopholes and glitches so they can know when they are being used. It is what it is, although does not mean a participant lacks ability because they use or understand exploits, harnessing a Madden NFL programming to get ahead. It can also prove broken a game is the Madden tourney in all of its glory. And even then, can it be even exploiting Madden NFL 21 if it is"In Madden NFL 21" so to speak as EA adored to say lol.

    Sounds nice but they'll make record earnings this year because MUT exists. If you can find the shills over at madden ultimateteam to chill for a year then we will have something. Until then, EA doesn't care. One streamer alone can spend 6 grand at a night and make up for a hundred copies which we boycotted. Trust me, most of us on the MUT sub are tired of EA's bullshit. But we're only a little portion of the community, and also the cheap Madden 21 coins men and women who aren't necessarily into the side of Madden are the issue.

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