They're fantastic games for when friends come over

  • I'd wait until after launch to purchase if it gets to see upgraded unless the NBA 2K21 MT Coins cash isn't a issue. I will be buying the PS5 legend edition along with a Stadia version so I can still roam around the home and playwith. Doesn't seem like any progress will crossover into different platforms. I'm just a basketball fanatic so it's no issue for me. The PC version is also listed as Do we believe that the PC version will be capable than xsx and ps5?

    I've enjoyed every match up to Now

    When I recall also last year's Legends variant had a cost of $99. Bought it. I've yet to get the only clearly MTX portion of NBA 2K. The MyTeam mode. MyLeague is among my favorite modes and the only reason why I buy NBA 2Ks and that free. I receive the uproar since it will have a massive amount of advertisements to have people purchase things but it's way too overblown. I will add though it's reached madden levels of being the same thing over and over with no real new changes.

    I am also comparable. Probably once or twice a complete console generation though for Fifa and 2K. Always heavily discounted. They're fantastic games for when friends come over and you wish to 1v1 every other. Other than that I have zero attention in the internet section full of MTX. Cod is nice. What I hate is ads in NBA 2K like wtf. They have the Gatorade lineup shift and anything and that's fine but showing a 30s advertisement like I'm watching YouTube or some thing is stupid.

    The thing is...your part was of this little audience (along with me); So much so I stopped purchasing NBA 2Ks when they publish and waited for earnings. However, the vast majority of their money comes from the folks that do what every they need and buy VC. 2K is the wrong game to check the price tag's theory. I'd do it for NBA 2K like God of War. But not really for games which will push micro transactions and season pass(es) anyways. It feels a bit money hungry to me. The revolutionary SSD will make it possible for your credit card to processs the microtransactions at unprecedented speeds.

    I don't buy sport games each year, because I don't feel like the graphics/gameplay improved that much that warrants buying the brand new one every year. However, I love buying a recent one a few years after the last one I purchased. As an example, I had 2K16, and 2K20 (before it being liberated with ps and ) was in a discount and gave it a shot. Never was someone who bothered about the MTX part of NBA 2K. I use to play game games together with friends when they encounter. The only thing I tried and Ultimate team were playing. Loved the idea of it, but realized you gotId make a buy 2K21 MT lot of cash to be good in it. Adhere to the core game and you are fine.

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