It takes about OSRS gold 8 minutes to get

  • I've been getting near 20 relics one hour. It takes about OSRS gold 8 minutes to get 1 at level 63. This ability is slow. Remember the initial 99 was attained employing all probable boosts and the very best gear which does not come cheap. I believe he meant 2 hours to get 20; therefore 10. This skill isn't even slow in comparison to other collecting skills, individuals are only spoiled with invention kind of hourly exp prices. As the wiki: 60-65 divination generates about 44k per. 53k xp/hr while purchasing energy. Empty Throne Room at 65+ gives you 66k xp/hr.

    I am attempting to put this. Fun wasn't felt by divination until 70 to level. It became fun in Hall of Memories in 70 due to core searching. I am not sure arch is going to feel far better when you are gathering artifacts in vacant dig sites. Claiming it AFK is a little shortsighted. What about the mysteries? What about gathering for money, something which's legitimately 20-40m/h? Doing summoning?

    Is that afk? This skill is not only excavate for ruined artefacts; there is a lot more to it.Nothing more than a lot of self righteous nerds believing they deserve better xp rates When you have got a skill that might have taken more than 3 months to come up with and then you finish it in 3 times and Cheap Rs gold claim it as lifeless content smfh!

    I went to go see that the 99 emote and find him. I don't believe he even claimed the cape he just said"xp waste" and surged away. Apparently without removing his override he did assert the cape and perform the emote but I overlooked it.

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