MatK said there will never be a skill in OSRS

  • This is something I noticed about gaming/gym etc.. Constantly feel excited to match or visit the gym when I am at work or in bed but once I actually have enough time to OSRS gold get it done I dont want to. Then I realised it's simply because I'd rather do those things than be at work and thats why it appears to be a fantastic idea at the time. Take a break you've put RuneScapes on a pedestal so when you finally sit down to play them they arnt nearly as entertaining as you imagined and you are feeling disappointed/bored or even burned out. Switch it up a little and discover another hobby and clear your mind. You'll probably find something new to appreciate and have that fire return to you personally about video games.

    MatK said there will never be a skill in OSRS

    Here's the issue though, so everything they proposed could have been executed as a non-skill. Warding might have been a crafting/magic expansion, it did have a great deal of content which could have left it a skill but players REEE'd at all it so it had to be chucked. Artisan could have been an extension to each skill possible, since it was basically slayer v2, just for skilling. Pet Ranching Is basically player owned farms from RS3 again, does have potential though.

    Have may have been implemented as a non-skill. No reason farming needed to be a skill as opposed to a random distractions and diversions kind content. No reason mining/woodcutting/fishing has to be best website to buy osrs gold a skill, it could just be a minigame with different factions that you ditch points into like Barb Assault. No reason construction needs to be an ability, why can not it just be according to our crafting degree? Just because you can imagine some random non-skill implementation of it doesn't mean it is a poor idea as a skill.

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