2K believes players don't mind getting pushed to buy VC

  • I think thats really a Nice reward. And buy nba 2k20 mt you get mt for playing the match and in historic and all single time you obtain extra mt, so that will cover slot costs. So I dont really see it isnt rewarding. Triple threat gives rewards to way and only utilizes 3 contracts apposed to 13 contracts. If it didn't use them which would be one thing but that is 650+ MT each match.

    Yeah but thats 1000 games times 3 contracts so u use 3000 contracts to get those rewards. Dom is 99 matches occasions 10 contracts of you fill out the last 3 places using bronzes, thats 990 contracts which you utilize. Dude... contracts in general for single player matches, particularly for domination don't make sense. It is literally designed to drain people of consumables to entice buying more packs which contracts aren't an issue for if you're spending money on MyTeam. But it's a trap for players that start off with emeralds and sapphires to attempt to take on the harder challenges. If they simply used contracts up on Minutes or Challenge established ones so it's like a bet for you that is fine.

    But using domination is a way for gamers to work on studying the game and grinding tokens and cards that will not be helpful online without serious time put into it. And I would really like to see someone take that PD Kemp without a touch finisher badge and see him move up against these collector level or high tier pack EVO pulls. Jerry could be a decent card in single player but you ain't taking these online.My suggestion was to create the rewards more substantial to compensate for that because they aren't getting rid of contracts on single player and you are saying it is a bad sign? People like you are the reason 2K believes players don't mind getting pushed to buy VC and packs. Sad part is that you know they ignore most of these comments so you being here to only argue about how you are getting rewards sounds like you need to brag?

    You said the benefits for dom are poor and I disagree with this, I do believe they should get rid of contracts. But with the contracts in it its not that it costs more money than you escape the games. You still make profit every match. Just not as much as we would have with no contracts. Came off my bad, like that. But should you take into account I am running ruby and sapphire lineup and one contract each is 650 I'm imagining higher cards are much more costly. Particularly once I keep getting bronze shoes rather than contracts and wind up having to ditch all the MT I won on re-upping my own squad.

    True, tokens would be the best way to go this year If you a no cash invested, they have Some really pleasant rewards. IF you purchase then in the screen before the game. I am trying to grind out tokens, but the spotlight rewards are the only items carrying me so far since they evolve like a couple times. I wanted that Kemp but discovered it doesn't evolve. Although yes PD Kemp is far better than Maurice Lucas but still. Only problem is I'm having to sell off my bronzes to keep playing reason for the contracts, so I keep getting crap like injury cards... talking of cheap mt nba 2k20 accidents that is another thing I don't understand.

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