Stunning 2019, Vinadry GP921 makes the mid-range versions envy

  • Vinadry GP921 is one of Vinadry's latest designs, which was launched in 2019. With a beautiful design that only has a mid-range price, it attracts huge consumers.

    List Vinadry's mid-range products in particular and all other brands in general, Vinadry GP921 is the most outstanding design product.

    In terms of structure, Vinadry GP921 scaffold product has a common structure of a set of intelligent ceiling drying rigs. These include 3 parts: winches, pulley sets and 2 drying bars. Its other point is mainly in the design of winches and guides, bolts.

    The hand winch is connected with the design of Vinadry's "classic" bell neck but it is more special because it is decorated with big textures and immersive imprints. Bulky pressure pens are also styled with a beautiful winch.

    As for drying bar design, it doesn't change much. Vinadry GP921 drying bar is still aluminum rod, coated with electrostatic coating with a length of 2.4m. The drying bar is made up of 80 holes of drying clothes with a convenient distance of 6cm.

    In particular, Vinadry GP921 is also one of Vinadry's latest designs, so it is also applied with new technology in production so it gives users the experience of extreme enjoyment of exposure. Rotate the rotary handle slightly, move more smoothly than conventional types.
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