Also if anyone is interested in selling some other FIYR stays,

  • I have trained with this specific game for RuneScape gold over a week just to receive the necromancer kits to work with in my Dagon Hai robes. I have 30 fine cloths in my bank awaiting use. All I want now is three of those kits to utilize on each individual peice of my Dagon hai robes now, however I am having such a challenging time getting any keys to the golden mines which"may" or"may not" contain these fabled kits.

    I've seen people using the Necromancer Robes and they have informed me that they've received them from the mini-game, but I find it so complicated to receive any for myself. Can anybody please tell me anything that might potentially help me for this procedure?

    Also if anyone is interested in selling some other FIYR stays, magic pyre logs, magic logs, and holy oil, please don't hesitate to log in and add"arkanavamper", and let me know if you would like to create a trade. I will buy the Fiyr stays for 6.5k- 7k each, based on how many you need to offer. Thank you for your time and any assistance or advice that you may offer me.

    I have broken the gold key myth- today I received two gold keys in burning just 50 fiyr color stays. I believed the chances in getting a gold key had been 1/100 but that would mean you would just get a gold key within burning at least 100 stays, But I obtained two keys in burning than 50 stays, making the odds impossible to cheap OSRS gold speculate. It might be 1/25 or even 1/1000000, because it changes with no dependent facets. The sole true factor it depends upon is determination and hope. If anyone reads this, I hope it will help if you are in pursuit of the same so called"fabled" robe kits that I am.

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